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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is held every year in Las Vegas. It's huge, with close to 170,000 attendees and 3,600 exhibitors this year. CES is always brimming with tech startups, plenty of bright lights and supersized TV screens. Paradigm introduced their Prestige line, and it's off to a tremendous start.

The below video provides a nice bit of insight into the factory.

Stop by The Audio Store to demo the Prestige Series. We trust you'll be amazed.

For full details and speaker specs visit the Paradigm website.

krell foundationOn the newsstands now is the February/March, 2015 issue of Sound &Vision magazine in which they award their Top Picks of the Year. Amoungst all of the products, the Foundation processor has received this outstanding award. From the award citation - "Hard to believe this $6,500 pre/pro actually broke new ground for affordability among Krell's offerings, but its superb sound quality really does put it in its own class."  

Michael Fremer wrote the original review and loved the sound. If you missed the review, you can download a pdf now. Below are some of the highlights from Michael's review. 

33e72be7 1912 40a0 a125 f13ec7d5fd70"Switching to the Foundation from my moderately priced but sonically accomplished Marantz AV7005 and especially from the previously reviewed Integra DHC-60.5...was transformational. It was as if the entire system had been changed"

"The Foundation maintained the clarity, dimensionality, and ease of even the most timbrally complex, dynamically challenging  passages."

The Foundation 4K UHD updates 4 of the 10 HDMI 1.4a inputs to HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2 capability. New on screen display functionality adds status messages including volume, active source, video resolution and audio format. System setup is accomplished from the front panel or a network tablet/computer.

PrestigeThe long-awaited, brand new Paradigm Prestige series speakers are here!

The Audio Store was the very first store in Connecticut to receive these speakers, and we are still among only a handful of dealers where you can demo and purchase them. Come down and take a listen for yourself!

The new Prestige Series builds on Paradigm's 30-year history of innovation and technology in loudspeaker manufacturing by combining new technologies with smart engineering that provides astonishing performance at an incredible value - hand built in North America.

For full details and speaker specs visit the Paradigm website.

Sounds. Too Good. But True.

Meridian presents a revolutionary new technology that will change the way you listen to music. MQA lets you hear what the artist wanted you to hear for the very first time in history.

A revolutionary British technology that’s bringing a whole new meaning to the sound of music. In short, MQA will change everything. Until now, music fans everywhere have been short-changed. Sound has been sacrificed for convenience. No format in history has ever given us the full, intricate detail of a live performance. Listeners never truly hear what the artist wants us to hear.

The Explorer2 is the latest product to utilize the master engineering of the MQA. It's allowing you to experience the full, intricate detail of a live performance for the first time in the history of recorded music! Explorer2 replaces a computer's audio outputs with a USB-powered DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) featuring over 30 years of Meridian's digital expertise in high-quality audio circuitry. Explorer2 includes digital clocking, derived from Meridian's award-winning Reference Series components, for precise timing of digital signals.

Meridian has paid as much attention to the analog circuitry as the digital. Explorer2 features a pure analog volume control with a powerful headphone amplifier and a line output. This provides sophisticated volume control with an extended range of 100dB - ideal for sensitive headphones. Whatever you listen to, Explorer2 makes it sounds its best.

mqa 700x287

Looking for that perfect gift for yourself this holiday season? Not sure what new audio component to add to your current home audio set up? The Audio Store's recommended Christmas Shopping List is specifically designed to appeal to all of the good girls and boys who appreciate the latest and greatest in home theater gear, and who like to buy presents for themselves.

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NA8005 front LWith the Marantz NA8005 network audio player, you can connect to a world of music listening opportunities, including internet radio, SiriusXM™ subscription streaming music channels, and enjoy your favorite tracks from your iPod® and iPhone®, as well as connect to your DLNA PC or Mac computer. You can also connect an external USB drive or a network attached storage (NAS) device to the convenient front panel USB port, and even use the port to charge your portable device.

The wide source connectivity of the NA8005 includes connection to an external digital audio source, such as a CD player, and when connected to your home network via the RJ-45 LAN port, you can stream tracks from your PC or Mac. The NA8005 is also equipped with Apple AirPlay® which lets you stream your favorite tracks through your home network from your iPod touch®, iPhone and iPad®.

On display now at The Audio Store, $1199.00. Full specs on the Marantz website.

PM7005 right-angle LEnjoy superb sound from your favorite analog and digital sources with the Marantz PM7005 integrated stereo amplifier. Featuring a high current discrete power output stage with current feedback (a Marantz innovation), the PM7005 is also equipped with our exclusive HDAM technology, employing proprietary circuit modules with discrete components that deliver ultra-wideband response and fast slew rate.

The versatile PM7005 features multiple analog and digital inputs, including optical and coaxial digital inputs along with a USB-B 2.0 for direct connection to computer high resolution digital audio sources. Featuring the reference-class CS4398 high resolution D/A converter, the PM7005 can decode high resolution digital audio files up to 24 bits and 192 kHz sampling. It's also compatible with DSD 2.8 MHz and 5.6 MHz high resolution files (the same system found on SACD), and the asynchronous USB-B port also features jitter removal for the most pristine sound quality.

More info on the Marantz website. $999.00 at The Audio Store.

HD-DAC1 right-angle LThis ultra-high quality dedicated Headphone Amplifier creates simply amazing sound because it uses Current Feedback amplification technologies from Marantz’s high-end Premium 11 Series. Headphones have always added extra intensity to music, now with the Marantz HD-DAC1 that intensity reaches new climactic heights. This completely new product category comes with a new design, but as always with the unmistakable Marantz family resemblance.

The powerful HD-DAC1 can drive audiophile high-impedance headphones up to 600 ohm - with complete MODE ease. All thanks to its three-level gain control, Marantz HDAM-SA2 modules, a high current audiophile DAC (CS4398), and its Premium Quality fixed and variable RCA outputs. It is so powerful it not only drives headphones, you can also directly connect it to your Hi-Fi integrated amplifier or to a pair of active speakers or power amps. It’s also highly connectable.

The Audio Store has these for $799.00. You can find more specs on the Marantz website.

project-recordlogoWe know you like to support small business. Saturday, November 29th is your chance to show it with Small Business Saturday. Avoid the Big Box Stores like Best Buy and P.C. Richards (we have better stuff anyway), and visit us instead. We have plenty of special offers and promotions going on for home theater and home automation components. Sound good?

SR7009 front-open LPacked with the latest audio and video technologies, the Marantz SR7009 9.2 Network A/V receiver sets new standards for audio and video performance, and includes Dolby Atmos decoding, letting you experience the ultimate theater sound experience right in your own home. The revolutionary Dolby Atmos system delivers the ultimate audio experience by expanding the soundstage via the use of overhead speakers.

The Marantz SR7009 A/V Receiver features:

  • 125 watts per channel
  • 9 discrete high current power amplifier channels
  • Multiple pre-amp outputs
  • Full 4K Ultra HD compatibility
  • High frame rate 4K/60 Hz content
  • Full suite of ISF video calibration controls

What is Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos Home Vert-smallIntroduced in premium cinemas in 2012, Dolby Atmos has become the de facto standard for enveloping and immersive motion picture sound, and features the ability to dramatically expand the dimensional sound experience through the use of multiple overhead loudspeakers that can be individually addressed, to allow pinpoint acoustical imaging at precise locations within the room.

Learn more about the Marantz SR7009 and Dolby Atmos on the Marantz website.

Front-34-2Announcing a new Trade Up Program from Peachtree Audio

From October 14th through November 14th, current Peachtree owners will be able to Trade Up their old Peachtree integrated towards a new and improved nova220SE or nova125SE! This is a great opportunity to get your system sounding better than ever.

Just bring in your old Decco or Nova series amp to The Audio Store before November 14th and we'll help you reach Super Nova status.

Learn more about the nova220SE and nova125SE at the Peachtree Audio website.

Integrated Stereo Amplifier

The Vanguard incorporates a 200-watt-per channel amplifier and a Class A preamplifier, enclosed in a chassis that borrows its design and construction from the new Krell Foundation preamp/processor, Connect stream player, Illusion preamp and iBias amplifiers. An optional, field-installable digital module with USB, HDMI, coaxial, and optical inputs as well as Ethernet audio and apt-X Bluetooth streaming will also be available.


The Vanguard’s amplifier incorporates a massive power supply with a 750 VA toroidal transformer and 80,000 microfarads of storage capacitance. The tremendous amount of energy on tap provides 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 400 watts into 4 ohms. Two quiet, thermostatically controlled fans permit the use of a surprisingly compact chassis.

Krell Industries, LLC is headquartered in Orange, CT. Visit The Audio Store to see the new Vanguard, available for $4,500.

Full specs available on the Krell website.