Introducing the all-new DragonFly, the latest digital to analog (DAC) converter from Audioquest. Perfect for those with an extensive MP3 collection in their iTunes library who want their music to sound better.

AQ DragonflyDragonFly is an affordable and easy-to-use device that delivers far superior sound by bypassing the poor quality sound card that is built into your computer. DragonFly is a sleek, flash drive sized Digital-Audio Converter that connects to a USB jack on a Mac® or Windows® PC, turning any computer into a true high- fidelity music source.

Whether you’re on-the-go or at home, listening on ear buds or connecting your computer to a stereo system, DragonFly reveals all the emotional expression and nuance that makes your favorite music, or movies, so enjoyable. However you connect it, DragonFly simply and easily makes any computer sound better.

For a complete list of features and specifications visit the Audioquest website.

The NEW Network AV Receiver with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

L sr5009 fr-bk 34The Marantz SR5009 will stand out in the crowd, and in your home theater cabinet.

The SR5009 comes with no less than eight HDMI inputs, of which one is on the front, and two outputs – making it immediately ready for 3D and even 4k 60Hz UHD resolution. It can handle the most demanding action scenes from your favorite movies. And with the latest Marantz audio technologies and 180W from the seven amplifiers, it offers excellent music playback. 

These technologies guarantee both power and detail in your surround sound experience. Bluetooth and WiFi are built-in, allowing you to enjoy all of your digital files wherever they are stored. In addition, it provides networking DLNA 1.5 facilities for DSD & AIFF and Gapless HD audio streaming, Internet radio, Spotify Connect and AirPlay.

The Audio Store carries the Marantz SR5009 for $900. Demo it today!

Full specs are available on the Marantz website.

Grado-RS2e-SideIntroducing the third-generation of Grado headphones, The e Series. With this series, Grado has revisited every single component, surface, and material used in these headphones, and each has been optimized and upgraded for one purpose: Unparalleled dynamics and fidelity. The e Series retains the classic design, drawing from industrial and organic inspirations. Design refinements within The e Series housing prevent stray resonance from interacting with the driver, thus protecting the purity of reproduction, while the magnetic motor structure has been fine-tuned for field symmetry throughout the full range of the voice coil.

Grado Labs’ CEO and President, John Grado states, "More than 60 years of Grado Labs expertise has led us to develop the most refined geometry for our transducers in our history, which tracks music frequencies with unequaled precision." He continues, “The e Series headphone represents our greatest sound to date."

See what we have on display and available to try & buy at our headphones page.

For more info on The e Series headphones, visit the Grado Labs website.

About Grado Labs

Grado Labs was founded in 1953 by audio legend Joseph Grado, inventor of the stereo moving coil phono cartridge. Today Grado makes world-renowned hand-assembled headphones, phono cartridges, and amplifiers. This third-generation family-owned company still operates out of its original Brooklyn location, led by current owner and CEO John Grado, whose son Jonathan serves as VP of Marketing. The company has been called “the finest electricity-to-sound transducer in the world,” and sound remains the company’s top priority.

peachtree-nova-220seIntegrated amp, DAC, and headphone amp all rolled into one

The Peachtree nova220SE is a combination of high output power, transparent sound, and digital and analog connectivity makes it simple to enjoy all of your music with uncompromising quality.

With five inputs, including 24/192 Asynchronous USB, you can enjoy computer and streaming audio with incredible high fidelity sound.

  • Powerful Amplification
  • High Resolution
  • 24/192 Asynchronous USB input for high performance computer audio
  • Optical and coax digital inputs to upgrade digital music streamers like Sonos and Apple TV
  • Pure analog input for your turntable/phono preamp, tuner, SACD player
  • Audiophile-quality headphone amplifier for high-performance headphones
  • Selectable triode tube buffer for more natural sound

At this year's CES show, Digital Trends stated the nova220SE "marries muscle and musicality." Watch their video report here. Visit the Peachtree website for more specs.

We carry the nova220SE for $1999.00, on dispay in our store now.

paradigm-signatures-s8Get 10% OFF Monitor, Studio, and Signature Series speakers from Paradigm. Sign-up via the custom tab on our Facebook page or call The Audio Store at 860-666-5006. Customers will be eligible to receive special pricing on current products including the Monitor 7, Monitor 9, Monitor 11, Studio 60, Studio 100, Signature S6 and Signature S8 speakers. But hurry, offer ends May 15th, 2014.

Monitor Series

Since its inception, the Monitor Series from the affordable audiophile collection has been a favorite of audiophiles on a budget. Satin-anodized pure aluminum domes, carbon-infused pure-aluminum bass/midrange cones and polypropylene bass cones. Wire mesh tweeter and WaveGuide™ technology with a clean, linear aesthetic. Availbale in rich wood grain veneer finishes.

Studio Series

Step-up performance. The Studio Series delivers a cost-no-object reference-quality approach to design and performance. Gold anodized pure-aluminum domes, satin-anodized pure-aluminum bass/midrange cones and mineral-filled bass cones. The IMS/SHOCK-MOUNT Isolation Mounting System is a leading-edge baffle-less technology that reduces driver/enclosure interactions to inaudible levels. Available in real wood veneer finishes.

Signature Series

As good as it gets! The Signature Series collection from Paradigm is their flagship collection. These speakers deliver the ultimate in music and home theater performance with stunning aesthetics. Pure beryllium domes, cobalt-infused pure-aluminum bass/midrange cones and polypropylene bass cones. IMS/SHOCK-MOUNT Isolation Mounting System is a leading-edge baffle-less technology that reduces driver/enclosure interactions to inaudible levels. Premium, hand-rubbed real wood veneer finishes available.

Introducing two new audio components from Marantz. You won't believe your ears - trust us.

PM8005 Integrated AmplifierL pm8005 u bk fr

Combining fully discrete current feedback circuitry and the Marantz-exclusive HDAM technology, the Marantz PM8005 integrated stereo amplifier delivers audiophile grade sound quality along with system operational flexibility.

Rated at 70 watts per channel into 8 ohms, the PM8005 features a robust power supply along with high current capability to deliver 100 watts per channel into 4 ohms, for compatibility and operational stability with the widest range of loudspeakers.

For more information and specs visit the Marantz PM8005 page.

L sa8005 u bk frSA8005 SACD Player & DAC

For the ultimate music listening experience, the Marantz SA8005 Super Audio CD player incorporates a host of exclusive technologies from the reference class players of Marantz, including discrete HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module) components, which provide wide bandwidth and high slew rate for the utmost musical fidelity.

In addition to SACD and CD playback, the SA8005 also features multiple playback options from a range of other digital audio sources, including iPod and iPhone devices, as well as the ability to play back digital audio files from a PC, via the included asynchronous USB-B port.

For more information and specs visit the Marantz SA8005 page.

We carry the PM8005 Integrated Amp and the SA8005 Super Audio CD Player for $1199.00 each.

inwallspeakerSonance Invisible Series is the ultimate expression in architectural audio. Installed as an in-wall or in-ceiling speaker and then finished over with the surrounding surface, Invisible Series speakers deliver ambient music that emanates throughout the space with no visual footprint.

The goal of the Invisible Series products is to allow custom installation pros make the speakers truly disappear without compromising sound. The Sonance Invisible Series completely rewrites the rules, giving interior designers what they’ve been demanding for so long - preservation of the aesthetics of interior design - while freeing the audio system designer to choose speaker locations based purely on performance, rather than the visual demands of customers or designers.

Sound not sight

Sonance Invisible Series delivers unbelievable sound quality that emanates from the wall or ceiling, without any visible signs of a speaker. The space is filled with breathtaking music that seemingly comes from nowhere.

Design not distraction

Sonance Invisible Series speakers are finished over with the same material as the adjoining wall or ceiling surface, including regular drywall finishing compound and paint, wallpaper, wood veneer, or even venetian plaster. They don’t just blend into the wall or ceiling, they become part of it.


Landscape Series

SSLPerformanceSonance Landscape Series is a totally scalable outdoor speaker system that delivers perfectly-even coverage and unbelievable sound quality throughout any sized space. Described by one critic as outdoor sound to “knock their socks off”, SLS provides jaw-dropping sonic performance from small satellite speakers and below-ground subwoofers that are hidden completely out of sight amongst plants and under foliage.

Stop by The Audio Store for more details and to view our demo kit of the Sonance in-wall speakers.

Visit the Sonance website for their complete product line.

Upgrade Music throughout Your Home

meridian-director-dacDirector, also known as Direct DAC, is a simple way to enjoy Meridian and make all your digital music sound its best. Director is a high-quality DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) designed to deliver superior audio quality from any digital source.

The Meridian Director forms the ultimate add-on for network players and music servers with digital outputs, bringing Meridian performance and sound quality to an entirely new level of audio products. Derived from the award-winning line of Reference 800 Series components, the Director significantly out-performs the DACs found in most computers and network players.

Bring your music system back to life today. $699.00

For more images and specifications please visit the Meridian website.

With today's streaming technologies (Netfilx, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Apple TV, and smart TV's), coupled with the fact that most households run multiple mobile devices that use these technologies, it's becoming exceedingly difficult to maintain a fast, reliable, and safe internet connection. Here's a common scenario: Dad is watching a rerun of last night's UConn basketball game on his iPad, while Mom reads a book on her Kindle Fire on the patio, while Daughter Skype's with her friends on the laptop, while Son plays Call of Duty: Ghosts on the XBox 360 in the basement with a buddy in California.

How's that wi-fi signal holding up now? Not too good, right? The Audio Store has a solution. Our line of Pakedge products provide a powerful backbone to A/V networks, enabling users to expand their network far beyond the capabilities of consumer-grade devices. 

We can install a Wireless Access Point (WAP) in your home or a connected infrastructure – with as many ports as you can dream up. Either way, the above scenario will play out with speedy, safe, and uninterrupted results. Watch a 2-hour movie in 2 hours, not 2 hours and 10 minutes.

w7 02Integrated Wireless

W7, W7O, & W7R Dual-Band Concurrent, Wireless-N Access Point

While most wireless access points broadcast on either the 2.4 or 5.0 GHz band, the W7 B/G/N series works on both. That is because the W7 series supports the new 802.11n standard, thereby reducing more interference than its competitors.

Visit the Pakedge website for a complete write-up and spec breakdown.


w7 02Router/Gateway Appliance

K6/K6U Router KITs

The K6 is the backbone of a seamless A/V network, thanks to its BakPak cloud management system. Dealers can monitor and change the network status of their clients, as well as receive alerts of by email, SMS, or push notifications from anywhere.

Visit the Pakedge website for a complete write-up and spec breakdown.


w7 02Infrastructure/Switches

S24P Managed Gigabit Switch with 24 PoE Ports

In addition to the features listed in the S24P8 pictured above, the S24P offers PoE-compatibility on all 24 ports. 4 SFP ports offer compatibility with fiber-optic network cables. The S24Pis also CASC-certified and can be controlled from remote and touch panels.

Visit the Pakedge website for a complete write-up and spec breakdown.

mrx-310A few months ago we told you about 2 of the best A/V receivers on the market; the Anthem MRX 510 and MRX 710. Well, there's a new addition to the Anthem family of MRX receivers - the 310.

With this A/V receiver, everything you need to drive a music and home theater system is contained in one component. Space-saving and cost-effective, and an alternative to separates (i.e. a preamplifier, A/V processor and separate external power amplifier). Anthem MRX receivers continue to win awards for their sound quality and ease of integration, and best of all, they include ARC™—the Anthem Room Correction system.

The Anthem MRX 310 contains a 5-channel A/V receiver with Anthem Room Correction (ARC 1M) and 80 watts per channel continuous power into 8 ohms. 

More details, including full specs available on the Anthem website. We carry these for $1199.

"I'm telling you, one of the biggest vinyl collections I've ever seen!", said Bernie.

redscrolllogoWe'd like to introduce to you our friends at Red Scroll Records in Wallingford, Connecticut. Your mecca for underground music and culture. They've got it all. A wide selection of new and used music on CD, LP, and even a couple odd formats here and there including punk, indie rock, hardcore, metal, noise, dubstep, industrial, folk, and more. They also have books, dvds, and lots of little trinkets to feed your need for the underground flavors.

As many of you have recently purchased a new turntable from us we figured you'd be looking for some actual tables to turn on it. We highly recommend taking a spin over to Red Scoll Records. They have thousands and thousands of new and used vinyl to browse though. Make an afternoon out of it.

Like their Facebook page for updates of new stock and store-related music events. 

focal700andSpiritFor a limited time, when you purchase any new 700 series floorstanding speaker from Focal you'll get a FREE pair of Focal Spirit One headphones. These headphones retail for $279.00! And if you think this deal sounds too good to be true it’s because, well, this gear DOES sound good.*

Focal 700 Series Speakers

Premium Hi-fi at an accessible price

With this fourth generation Chorus 700, Focal set itself the challenge of modernising these benchmark speakers, making their quality, their unique sound signature and their renowned technologies available to the greatest possible number of audiophiles. While retaining the DNA of previous models in the Chorus range, the new generation Chorus 700 benefits from a design and a quality totally in keeping with modern-day expectations: remarkable audio audio performance and at the same time greater value and more classic design. Technological innovation, tradition and exclusive design - these are the hallmarks of "the Spirit of Sound".

For more specs visit the Focal website.

Spirit One Headphones

Sleek and mobile headphones

Spirit One, the new sleek, upscale high-fidelity headphones. Snug, lightweight and perfectly mobile, they offer a signature and sound performance that are 100% Focal. Meet the highly accessorized Spirit One, the audio headphones for music lovers, complete with an iPhone/iPod/iPad remote control.

For more specs visit the Focal website.

*Some restrictions apply. See associate for details.