Fully powered stereo speaker with built-in Anthem® Class-D amplifier that streams lossless audio wirelessly over standard Wi-Fi networks.

Make the decision to stream audio throughout your home and experience a new realm of effortless entertainment bliss. Streaming audio over your home's wifi network gives you instant access to an infinite personal playlist, app-controlled convenience and wireless speaker flexibility. And make that decision using a name you know and trust for high perfromance sound.

The whole family can now access personal digital audio libraries from anywhere in your home with the touch of a screen. Take advantage of endless choices from online music streaming services like Tidal, Spotify, Songza, Pandora and more. Stream from any device, Android or iOS mobile or PC, with a wide range of connectivity options for today and tomorrow.

The Audio Store will carry the full line of Paradigm's new Wireless Speakers:

pw 800 pw 600 pw amp
PW 800: $799/ea PW 600: $599/ea PW AMP: $499/ea

Complete specs, reviews, and images available on the Paradigm website.