Trade UP any brand of old outdoor speakers for 20% OFF Paradigm Stylus, Rock Monitor or a Garden Oasis speaker Package.*

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There's no better time to TradeUP your old outdoor speakers for the sweet sounds of Paradigm than summertime! Do you have ANY OLD outdoor speakers you've been thinking about replacing? Now is the time, because now you can TRADE IN your old speakers (any brand, any type... you can even trade in non-outdoor speakers!) and get a minimum* of 20% OFF the purchase price of Paradigm Stylus, Rock Monitor or a Garden Oasis speaker Package.

Maybe your old speakers are worn out, or they just don't sound good? Now is the time to get great sounding outdoor speakers.

Learn more about the Garden Oasis Series

Learn more about the Stylus Outdoor speakers

Learn more about the Rock Monitor Outdoor speakers

Contact us for any questions, and be sure to apply for your coupon on the Paradigm website.

*Minimum direct-from-Paradigm discount is 20% with qualifying trade-in. Depending on model, age, and condition of your old speakers, the dealer may, at their discretion, offer an additional discount toward your purchase. Offer is valid only in US ONLY, and only from Jul 1 - Aug 31, 2017.