As a part of Legrand, a global leader in electrical and electronic systems and one of Forbes Magazine's Top 100 Most Innovative Companies, Vantage has developed control and automation solutions specifically tailored luxury spaces for over 25 years.

With Vantage controls you can automate and control your home lighting systems, heating and air conditioning (HVAC), drapes, blinds, and home security systems.

The complete line-up of Vantage products can be found on the Vantage website.

Discover beauty in motion

QMotion's Motorized Drapery Rod collection is the latest innovation in automated window treatments. The first and only track-less motorized drapery rod on the market has arrived! The real beauty of QMotion's innovative technology is what you don't notice. We've removed the external motors and wires and placed a battery operated motor inside the drapery rod itself. The exclusive Touch Wand Activation feature provides customers with the convenience of manual control when not using a remote, smart phone, or tablet to control the window shades or draperies.

The award winning, sophisticated design of QMotion window fashions combines contemporary energy efficiency engineering paired with the latest in high-tech home automation. From the world's narrowest battery operated roller shades to the elegant light control benefits of automated honeycomb shades, QMotion’s passion for design and innovation are apparent. In 2014, the first and only track-less motorized drapery rod was introduced displaying QMotion’s commitment to industry leading design and technology concepts.

Visit the QMotion website for their complete line of home automation products.

XP-6-control-processorRemote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is a leading control systems manufacturer offering innovative, sophisticated, and user-friendly devices for professionally installed electronic systems. The company’s wide array of award-winning handheld and in-wall universal controllers, central processors, audio distribution systems, and accessories are marketed exclusively through a worldwide network of professional integrators and installers. For complete control and monitoring over electronic systems from virtually anywhere in the world, the power of RTI is available on iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, and Android™ devices through the company’s RTiPanel application, just as the award-winning RTI Virtual Panel program offers access and control via any PC running Microsoft® Windows®. All RTI solutions are programmed through the company’s world-renowned Integration Designer® software, easily allowing dealers to provide a completely customizable user interface for intuitive command over the entire electronics system.

View their full line of remote controls, control processors, and wired interfaces on the RTI website.

12-20-07-suite-8300Audio Design Associates, over their thirty-year history, has become synonymous with "excellence." This excellence is reflected in their engineering, production, testing procedures, ease of use, durability, value, unparalleled sound quality.

Audio Design Associates (or "ADA" and even "Audio Design") was founded by Albert G. Langella and Peter T. McKean in 1977. The company was born from a two-store TV/radio/repair-shop that Peter took over in the late 1960's called Hartsdale Radio & TV, located in Westchester County, NY. Albert received a Bachelors in Engineering at the Pratt Institute of Technology.

Their expertise in the world of home automation includes multi-room & home theater receivers, multi-room systems and power amplifiers, keypads and controllers.

For a complete list of their product line visit the ADA website.

bluesoundpulsespeakerBluesound is an alliance of audiophiles dedicated to delivering on the promise of wireless, digitally-perfect high-fidelity audio.

Digital audio got its start like any other new technology. It was amazing and new – limited and imperfect – and naturally became the adopted standard for the next generation. Bluesound engineers love technology, but they love music even more. To them, digital just wasn’t up to par, so they decided to set out and raise the bar on digital so that audiophiles and music lovers would hear what they’ve been missing since digital audio came into existence. Even 16-bit CDs have only about half of the audio spectrum that the master recording holds, and that’s a whole lot more than MP3s have left in them. With more than a decade of compressed audio piping through earbud headphones and cheap dock players, the time had come. The portable players we all love have created a new way of listening to music, but there hasn’t really been much there to hear. Until now. Enter true 24-bit HD digital audio.

Get your music out of your head and into the room. After all, music was meant to be shared! The engineers at Bluesound are passionate about musical detail, texture and volume (they're not just talking about decibels here), and they’ve painstakingly designed a cutting-edge pure digital platform that delivers on the total HD audio experience. Audio reproduction just like the moment they recorded it in the studio. Just like the musicans themselves wanted it to be heard. Add internet radio and online music services to your own digital audio library to the mix. Sound good? They think so. And so do the critics.

For more details visit the Bluesound website.

Fully powered stereo speaker with built-in Anthem® Class-D amplifier that streams lossless audio wirelessly over standard Wi-Fi networks.

Make the decision to stream audio throughout your home and experience a new realm of effortless entertainment bliss. Streaming audio over your home's wifi network gives you instant access to an infinite personal playlist, app-controlled convenience and wireless speaker flexibility. And make that decision using a name you know and trust for high perfromance sound.

The whole family can now access personal digital audio libraries from anywhere in your home with the touch of a screen. Take advantage of endless choices from online music streaming services like Tidal, Spotify, Songza, Pandora and more. Stream from any device, Android or iOS mobile or PC, with a wide range of connectivity options for today and tomorrow.

pw 800 pw 600 pw amp
PW 800: $799/ea PW 600: $599/ea PW AMP: $499/ea

Complete specs, reviews, and images available on the Paradigm website.


heos-logoGet Into the Music. Get Into HEOS.

Fill every room with music.

Plug in, connect to your wireless network and play. Easy. 

The music you've always loved is new again with the incomparable sound quality of HEOS. And, with almost endless sources for new music–online and streaming–you'll discover new faves. Lose yourself in the music. Again and again.

View the complete HEOS system at the Denon website. Visit The Audio Store and check out a HEOS 7, HEOS 5, HEOS 3, HEOS Extend, HEOS Amp, and the HEOS Link. 

With Sonos, a system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components, you can unite your digital music collection in one app that you control from any device. Play what you want in every room over a dedicated wireless network.

Sonos wireless speakers are custom designed for every space in your home. From the compact PLAY:3 to the TV-compatible PLAYBAR, these products will fill any room with crystal clear HiFi sound at any volume.

See how it all works.

Let's face it—you love music. But you really don't like the way it sounds on your 5-yr old laptop; especially when you have a new 7.1 home theater system or a 2-channel stereo in your room—or down the hall. The Sonos Boost and Sonos Connect are here to help. Stream digital audio to any stereo system in your house. Sounds cool, right? Wait until you hear it!

Sonos Boostsonos boost

  • No skips, delays or drops – even in homes with wireless problems
  • Comparable broadcast strength to expensive enterprise-grade routers
  • Offers complete, 360-degree signals through walls and ceilings
  • Neutralizes network interference from other wireless devices

Sonos Connect

sonos-controller-iphone-appStream your personal music library (iTunes), favorite music service (Tidal, Deezer, Pandora, Spotify), internet radio station (SiriusXM, Stitcher), tv show or podcast to any room in your home. You can even control it remotely with the Sonos Control

The Sonos Connect includes analog and digital (coaxial and optical) outputs for connecting an external digital to analog converter, as well as analog inputs (for passthrough connections from other audio sources, such as a CD player). As with other Sonos products, it can be controlled on an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android phone, or many Android tablets (including the Kindle Fire) by downloading a free app.

The Sonos Boost is just $99, and the Sonos Connect is $349.

subglossblkSonos SUB

  • Fills any room with deep, clear HiFi sound
  • Wireless, one-button setup
  • Seamlessly integrates with the Sonos System
  • Place it anywhere in the room—even lying flat under a couch

The Sonos SUB is $695.


  • Complements HD television screens with richly textured HiFi sound.
  • Wirelessly streams all the music on earth.
  • Simple to set up, control and expand. Requires just two cords: one power cord, one optical cord (both included). Syncs with other Sonos speakers wirelessly.
  • Understands and speaks most IR remote’s language and can be controlled by free apps for your Android®, iPhone® or iPad®.
  • Sonos PlaybarPlays all sources plugged in to your HDTV: cable/SAT boxes, Blu-ray players, and video game consoles. If it’s connected to your HD TV, PLAYBAR will play it.

The Sonos PLAYBAR is $695.

Sonos PLAY:3

The most versatile wireless speaker for rich, room-filling sound.

  • Start with one music player, expand everywhere
  • Control wirelessly, easy to set up music player
  • Stream your entire music library, music services, and radio stations
  • Versatile enough to put anywhere—horizontal or vertical

Play5 newSonos PLAY:5

The original, bigger room, bigger sound wireless speaker.

  • Six custom-designed drivers with dedicated amplifiers.
  • Trueplay tuning delivers sound that's true to the music and right for the room.
  • Control all your music and streaming services from a single app (on your smartphone, tablet or computer).
  • Uses your WiFi. Easy to set up and allows you to expand your system over time.

The PLAY:3 is $299, and the PLAY:5 is $499

For more information on all of these products please visit the Sonos website.