Ascender Dalite 39Da-Lite was founded with the invention of the Silver Screen during the second Industrial Revolution. It was a time when art and culture flourished, and was transformed into many different styles. Adele De Berri was a 24-year-old young woman and the inventor of the Silver Screen. At a time when businesswomen were rare and couldn't vote, Adele established Da-Lite – a business that would survive the Great Depression, World Wars and multiple recessions. Over 100 years later, with an in-house team of chemists, Da-Lite remains committed to improving their surface formulations to ensure the best surface for today and future projection technology.

The Ascender is the perfect investment for environments where traditional ceiling electric screens are not desired or practical. The screen features smooth operation with a motorized spring, scissor mechanism. A trap door mechanism keeps the screen and lift hidden until activated. This screen can be recessed into the floor for concealed appearance, or installed into a decorative surrounding.