Streaming and Wi-Fi

With all of today's streaming technologies, and most households owning multiple mobile devices it's becoming more and more difficult to maintain a fast, reliable, and safe internet connection. Consider this: Dad is watching a rerun of last night's UConn basketball game on his iPad, while Mom reads a new book on her Kindle, while Daughter Skype's with her friends, while Son plays Call of Duty with a buddy on the West Coast. How's that wi-fi signal holding up now? The Audio Store has a solution. We can install a dedicated, enterprise grade Pakedge Wireless Access Point (WAP) and router/gateway in your home which allows the above scenario to play out with speedy, uninterrupted results.

Dedicated Home Theaters

Movies are pure fun. Absolutely everyone loves to jump into that black, embryonic pool and be transported to: A glittering casino – flush with swells – somewhere in the south of France; a Wookie-commandeered spacecraft in a galaxy far, far away; a dusty, tumbleweed blown Main Street ticking towards someones momentous high noon. Pure. Fun. You can up-tick the performance (and comfort!) of your dedicated home theater to galaxies well beyond what you have experienced in your local mega-plex. All sans the riot of coughing, rude chatter, and the tinny din of the cell phone of that anvil-headed man in front of you playing the 1812 Overture! By choosing one of our top tier projector, electronics, speaker or seating vendors, you escape all that, and just escape! And then you can get up, still pause it, and make that ham sandwich!

Media Rooms

The Media Room is that catch-all category/room where family, friends, financial planners and insurance salesman (And company in general!) tend to congregate, recreate, and flat-out kick out the jams and pahty! It can include a bar, a Foosball, air hockey, pool, or, God-help-us, beer pong table! To augment all this ancillary fun, the Media Room should have (It is mandatory!) a big spanking LCD/OLED 4K display! A high quality music server spinning the tuneage should also be considered de rigueur. Also, some manner or fashion of home theater set-up, recommended, natch, by The Audio Store, would seem obligatory (It is, like, a rule!): I mean, Sly, one-handedly shooting his .50 cal, while simultaneously flexing his HGH-induced musculature, should always be accompanied by the attendant capillary-exploding sound effects (Again, a rule.).

High End Audio

This one is from the heart. A long time ago, in some misty, Paleozoic era of the past, a lot of us got involved with this business because of the unabashed, hedonistic joy we experienced listening to music reproduced on a good stereo system. And lo, these many years later, big magic is still conjured by the simple trick of two speakers, a source, and an integrated amp (Or, better yet, separates): A 3-D soundstage that limns the atoms of some impossibly further reach of your listening space, while populating it with some spookily corporeal images accurately placed in time and space. Shaman stuff. Come visit us, because we are the Shaman Men: We have got the good stuff, the magic stuff.

Custom Installation & Home Automation

Custom installation and home automation bring together all the strands of all the arts we have practiced and perfected in our more than 70 years of experience in the field. From the rudimentary installation of a plasma on a wall, to the fulfillment of the desires of the customer who wants all the complex systems of his home to do his bidding (lighting, music/video servers, internet, streaming audio & video, HVAC, cameras and security) upon simple touch screen command, any and all is possible. In fact, system solutions that were once (Not too very long ago) thought of as inconceivable, are now quite doable, and are for many of our clients not only practical, but also essential.

Scenario #1: A dark and stormy night. A working mother has picked up her children from after school activities. She is rolling down her driveway as a howling wind picks up a gobbet of rain and sleet and begins to fling it horizontally. Her husband is working late in the city. With one discrete command her garage door opens, her garage door closes. Her way is lit to the security panel, and on past that to her normal pathway inward and into the house. The thermostat rises from 60 degrees to 70. The heating coils beneath the hard wood floors begin to glow and radiate warmth beneath her feet. She touches an LCD panel bathed in the welcoming light of her kitchen and the halogen spots in the living area beyond it. And as the children bustle about her, her favorite music begins to play. Sigh: She is home. And they are safe.

Scenario #2: Mom likes John Mayer. Daughter Molly is for Adele. Son Cyril favors green eye shadow and Green Day played wickedly loud. Dad is a guy, so... it's Sinatra. Now all can listen to what they want, when they want (Through architecturally and aesthetically invisible loudspeakers), and control their respective musical yens through digital stream engines controlled/viewed via iPhone/iPad or LCD screens. And how cool is that? Shivering yet?