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thiel cs27 ebonyTHIEL’s design philosophy is based upon a company-wide belief that music and movie soundtracks carry the most emotional weight and best engage the listener when accurately reproduced. In 1978, THIEL debuted the Model 03, which pioneered time and phase accuracy in multi-element dynamic speakers. Jim Thiel’s Model 03 also gave rise to the Coherent Source concept and established a platform upon which all subsequent THIEL speakers would be designed and built.

In the modern era, THIEL has embraced trends toward home theater and multi-room audio with the introduction of subwoofers and architectural speakers (in-wall, in-ceiling, and on-wall designs) like none other on the market. These unique products provide previously unrealized levels of performance for challenging applications without sacrificing any of THIEL’s revered engineering principals.

THIEL’s new three-way floorstanding Coherent Source Loudspeaker represents a stunning new benchmark in acoustical performance for loudspeakers. Gorgeous new industrial design complements THIEL’s legendary time and phase coherence technologies  including revolutionary driver design that deliver the most detailed, natural, and musically lifelike reproduction of the original performance possible. Close your eyes, listen for yourself, and be there. The CS2.7 incorporates new technologies developed for our flagship CS3.7 loudspeaker including a state-of-the-art coaxial/coincident driver. The midrange element itself has perfectly neutral response to 20kHz – an upper range specification seldom attained even by tweeters.