bc27 webBel Canto Designs is committed to technically superior high fidelity solutions. They apply the highest standards of design, engineering and production practices. Bel Canto does not allow engineering dogma to prevent exploration of a new path when listening tests indicate exciting paths forward. Nor do they fall back on audiophile dogma or marketing hype that lead down a dead-end path.

Bel Canto has come up with distinct designs to cater for all music lovers. The DAC2.7 Control Preamp features incredible audio performance, features, and flexibility. The DAC2.7 is musically open, detailed, and natural sounding. Plus a dedicated analog input feeding a 124dB signal to noise ratio ADC converter, plus a new Bel Canto display screen, which all adds up to serious high end musical sound with an improved s/n of 124dB.