music-hall-dac25-3-angleMusic Hall, LLC was founded in April of 1985. They are a company dedicated to manufacturing, importing, and distributing well priced, top quality, high-end audio components. Their emphasis is almost exclusively 2-channel (stereo), a rarity in this day of iPods and multi-channel products. They have grown over the years to become one of the pre-eminent distribution and manufacturing companies in the industry.

Today an increasing number of music lovers are buying storing and listening to music through their computer, media server, or personal music player (iPod). Many are also digitally distributing their music using a sonos, squeezebox, or one of a host of digital music distribution systems available on the market. By uniting a state of the art digital to analog converter with a tube output they have produced the clarity and precision of a 24bit DAC with the warm rich open sound people love of tubes. The dac25.3 has 4 digital inputs which can accept any coax (s/pdif), optical, XLR (AES/EBU), or USB digital input from an iPod transport, computer, media server, sonos, squeezebox, CD/DVD in stereo transport, or Music Hall’s own cd35.2 compact disc player, and it will output two channel stereo analog.