nad classic c388NAD Electronics commitment to excellence extends well beyond the industry standard. They will surpass your greatest expectation of what home audio should be. Their roots run deep in stereo "Hi-Fi" heritage and using those basic principles for audio they expand into the realm of home theater and custom installation. Their "Music First" mantra shows in everything they do. Sold in over 80 countries, NAD Electronics is renowned worldwide for its range of innovative class-leading audio and video consumer electronics. When it comes to performance, NAD emphasises quality over quantity, putting heart and soul into the inside—where it counts. And where you can hear it. 

Expansive Power with Unprecedented Flexibility.

The NAD C 388, C 368, and C 338 Hybrid Digital DAC amplifiers offer expansive power with unprecedented flexibility. The C 388 ties together all the critical elements of a top performing music system; music sources past, present, and future, in addition to providing a nearly unrestricted reservoir of power that allows your speakers to reveal every nuance of musical detail. This advanced amplifier includes many cutting edge technological breakthroughs developed by NAD over decades of creating affordable ultra-high performance audio components.

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