So a few weeks back I came in looking to try headphones because my two young boys "need" their sleep. Tried some Grados at my price range...then tried the next ones up, the PS500e. It'd be a little much to say they changed my life, but apparently I've never really heard the recordings I've been listening to forever. I left the shop kicking myself for spending more than my preconceived budget. Two hours later, tears in my eyes, I was convinced that was the best money I'd spent in many years - still am. Can't say enough. Thanks!

Christopher (Facebook)
09 December 2014

I originally walked into The Audio Store a few months ago, looking to add networking functionality to my audio system, which sounded as good as the day I bought it. It was loud, clear, and merited compliments from anyone who heard it. The game changed though, when I heard for myself what the equipment in these showrooms was capable of. Forget about loud. A more appropriate description is “packed to the gills with sound so accurate you’ll think you’re watching a favorite movie for the very first time.” Once you audition them, the products will speak for themselves. What really makes this place worth doing business with is the man who runs it. Bernie is very genuine and sales are never rushed or pressured. This is reflected in his staff members, who are just as committed to fitting each customer to a solution that matches their needs. If you’re in the market for anything home theater related, you owe it to yourself to go meet these guys.

Jon (Facebook)
21 August 2014

Great place! Never been there before and was presently surprised by the equipment and expertise. I needed a cabinet and Bernie hooked me up with something beyond my expectations at a ridiculously good price! Also got some new speaker stands at a great price. Great guy to talk to with no pressure to buy. Would highly recommend.

Todd (Facebook)
22 July 2014

Loving the NAD Digital Phono/USB Preamp PP3i for my Pro-Ject. I can record my vinyl onto my laptop and save it as an MP3. Bands do occasionally add "exclusive bonus tracks" to their vinyl, so this is a great method for getting them into iTunes or whatever. Pretty fun, too.

Brian (Yelp)
28 June 2014

Few weeks ago I went in to talk to Bernie about a turntable. He spent a lot of time with me, as usual, educating me on what I needed to know. They always spend as much time as you need answering anything! They want you to be happy, and it shows every time I go there. He got me into a really great starter piece from Pro-Ject. He explained EVERYTHING about it and certainly never tried to oversell me. This is a major thing with them, and why I only shop there. I love how it was sold with the idea of upgrading IF I ever wanted to, NOT trying to sell me all the bells and whistles. With wife annoyed she still came home with a 180 gram Pink Floyd album. As I sit here listening to it I can truly respect the vinyl and why I bought this. Thanks for all your help Bernie! Truly a customer for life.

Eric (Facebook)
27 May 2014

The best place in the State to buy true high quality audio equipment. The staff here are excellent. Knowledgeable, friendly, overall an excellent experience. If you need anything audio related this is the place to go.

Gino (Facebook)
31 January 2014

On a recent visit to The Audio Store, Bernie, the owner told me about AC power cables and how changing them on my system and would improve the clarity of my system. So I bought one and took it home. I tried it on my CD player first and it was amazing, so I went back and told him. He was like, I told you would like it. So now I bought two more, one for my amp and one for my subwoofer. Now everything sounds smooth and open. I would of never thought that high quality AC power cables would make such a difference. Thank you Bernie.

Anthony (Yelp)
24 September 2013

Stopped in a few months back with a few questions about a home theater room. Bernie, the owner, was so knowledgeable on the products and setup I was inquiring about, I decided to take the plunge. 

I've had my theater room up and running for over a month now, thanks to Bernie, John, and Harry (the installers). I couldn't be more pleased with the way everything worked out. The room was finished a couple of days ahead of schedule, and even though I decided to add a few extra components into the mix, my quote was still kept below my original budget!

 Safe to say, I'll be returning here for any other home theater/high-end home audio purchases in the future.

Jamie (Yelp)
25 July 2013

Buying an older home I struggled with how to wire additional speakers thru hardwood floors and plaster walls. Stopped in to talk to Bernie and - struggle over! Added Sonos wireless and Play 5. Incredible sound and it can be moved to any location with an electrical outlet - even out to the deck. Set up as a separate zone it can play with my existing speakers or alone. I love it! Thanks Bernie!

Donna (Facebook)
17 June 2013

Purchased a surround sound system from them a few years ago. Have had absolutely zero problems with it. Recently picked up a Pro-Ject turntable during their Anniversary Clearance Sale, and again, no problems. 
Great product, selection, and prices for whatever your budget may be. These guys know what they're talking about. When the time comes to upgrade any components of my system I'll be going back!

Dave (Yelp)
21 April 2013

Best place to buy home theater and stereo equipment in Connecticut hands down. Go talk to Bernie, you wont be dissatisfied.

Kyle (Facebook)
05 December 2012