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One of the world’s oldest consumer electronics companies.

Founded in 1925, Luxman dates from the dawn of radio broadcasting. Luxman components gained international recognition for sumptuous music reproduction, meticulous engineering, robust build quality and understated design. Now based in Yokohama, Luxman offers a carefully curated range of high-end audio components to discerning music lovers in 48 countries on five continents.

luxman amp


Luxman C-10X Control Amplifier

The New Luxman C-10X is equipped with the “LIFES” amplifier feedback engine and the latest version of their original electronically controlled attenuator, “LECUA-EX”, technologies developed to lead LUXMAN into the next century. Fully-balanced audio pathways are directly connected throughout the three-dimensional structure, achieving infinite silence, overwhelming instantaneous power, and a true sense of realism.

Luxman C-10X - $19,995

luxman c10X

Luxman M-10X Stereo Power Amplifier

Superbly crafted and with most outstanding sound quality, the Luxman M-10X is destined to satisfy audiophiles and music lover’s with its almost limitless loudspeaker drive capability. Original Luxman amplifier design hallmarks, such as ODNF circuitry were carefully analyzed and then further evolved through extensive computer simulations to achieve a radical improvement in audio performance. Only after repeated new circuit components auditioning and prototype listening tests were the results judged suitable for adoption as “LIFES1.0” in Luxman’s new M-10x.

Luxman M-10X - $19,995

luxman m10x stereo power amplifier

Luxman L-509Z Integrated Amplifier

The Luxman L-509Z is the completely redesigned flagship integrated amplifier pursuing the ideal “one-body separate” concept. Following the M-10X stereo power amplifier and the L-507Z integrated amplifier, the L-509Z’s next-generation amplifier circuitry features our recently developed feedback engine, L.I.F.E.S. used in both the preamplifier and power-amplifier stages for the first time. The L-509Z achieves 3-dimensional musicality and unprecedented scale as an integrated amplifier. Other features include improved phono stage with additional loading options, enhanced headphone connection options, 12V trigger & control input.

Luxman L-509Z - $12,495

luxman l509z integrated amplifier

Luxman L-507Z Integrated Amplifier

The robust Luxman L-507Z marks the beginning of Z-Series, all being developed to include this latest “LIFES” high-quality amplification system, a core technology also shared with the new flagship M-10x stereo/mono power amplifier.

Luxman L-507Z - $8,995

luxman 507Z

Luxman L-505uXII Integrated Amplifier

The L-505uXII is the eagerly awaited Mark II version of the popular L-505uX that has been at the forefront of preamplifier design since it's launch in 2011. Incorporating an abundance of proprietary technologies, such as Luxman's Version 4.0 ODNF (Only Distortion Negative Feedback), as well as LECUA (Luxman Electronically Controlled Ultimate Attenuator), this product is a truly multifunctional integrated amplifier. As Luxman's latest high-end model, the L-505uXII continues the evolution of the L-505 series, which has attracted many fans of audio quality and earned a great reputation. As an amplifier which exudes sophistication and authenticity beyond its class, the L-505uXII represents the latest in a long line of exemplary models.

Luxman L-505uXII - $5,295

luxman l-505uxii integrated amplifier

Luxman D-10X SACD/CD Player

The Luxman D-10X is the ultimate expression of musicality. Luxman's flagship SACD/CD player, the D-10X builds on the brilliant heritage of the acclaimed D-08u, adding more playback capabilities, the latest conversion technology, a robustly reinforced transport mechanism and a redefined analog output stage.

The D-10X includes LxDTM-i – the LUXMAN original Disc Transport Mechanism (improved), as well as the world premiere of the ROHM Semiconductor MUS-IC BD34301EKV digital-to-analog converter.

Luxman D-10X - $16,995

luxman d10x sacd cd player

Luxman D-03X Digital Player

With the Luxman D-03X, timeless design meets cutting edge technology. Now a single digital player embodies the most advanced digital decoding along with the most enduring approaches to design and engineering. The D-03X combines traditional red-book CD playback with an advanced hi-res DAC circuit featuring MQA full decoding.

Luxman D-03X - $4,195

luxman d-03x digital player cd player

Luxman D-07X SACD/CD Player

The Luxman D-07X inherits the luxurious styling and outstanding performance the flagship model, the D-10X. This advanced digital media player delivers overwhelming performance. Many of the audio formats available today are undergoing a transformational period. By providing digital circuitry that supports advanced, high resolution file formats and the latest DAC environment, this model brings out unprecedented excitement from CDs and SACDs. It truly conveys the ambience and feeling of recorded music over a wide range of media, delivering the finest listening experience.

Luxman D-07X - $9,995

luxman d07x sacd cd player digital player

Luxman PD-151 Mark II Turntable

The Luxman PD-151mkII was developed for the music listener to fully enjoy the luxurious audio experience unique to analog music. The PD-151mkII inherits the PD-151A’s excellent performance and functional beauty while featuring a new, highly sensitive original specification tonearm. The PD-151mkII has arrived as a new benchmark for belt-drive integrated analog players. Luxman delivers genuine analog vinyl playback excellence, inviting the listener into a world different from digital audio.

Luxman PD-151 Mark II - $5,695

luxman pd-151 mark ii turntable

Luxman PD-191A Turntable

With the Luxman PD-191A you can savor the endlessly rich warmth of a piece of music and that special sense of time flowing differently when you play a cherished analog recording. The PD-191A is a superb player capable of delivering the excellence of vinyl recordings. Luxman's newly developed, original tonearm, with extremely high initial sensitivity, uses a knife-edge vertical bearing system to realize those sensitive movements that make up the finest nuances of a musical moment. Combining a silent and refined DC motor belt-drive system supported by a robust power supply; PD-191A offers a truly high-fidelity and emotional vinyl listening experience.

Luxman PD-191A - $12,495

luxman pd-191a turntable

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