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2457 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06111

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Phone: 860.666.5006


Digital Home Theater Components.


Refining how you experience sound.

Meridian has always challenged convention. For more than forty years they have pushed boundaries, disrupted norms and engineered products that have shaped the industry. As they break new ground through their research, they will continue to challenge convention to enrich people’s lives, and redefine how customers experience sound.

Their ambition is to enable people to listen, enjoy and fall in love with their music and movies wherever they are, and their renowned sound philosophy can be applied in all listening environments.



G55 5-Channel Power Amplifier

The Meridian G55 is a powerful Five Channel Power Amplifier. Suitable for a variety of applications. The G55 also incorporates a unique bridging system for higher power and flexibility, providing optimum performance with any loudspeaker at any volume level. The G55 is derived from the same technology used in Meridian's flagship DSP8000 active speakers, this high power, ultra-low distortion, wide bandwith power amplifier can drive any passive loudspeaker with control, fidelity and authority.

Meridian G55 - $7,000

meridian amplifier

861v8 Reference Digital Surround Controller

The Meridian 861v8 sits at the heart of the theatre, linking all of your audio sources such as Blu-ray disc players, at the highest quality. Featuring our patented filter which makes standard resolution sources sound like high-resolution and Meridian Room Correction (MRC), the 861 also adds extensive connectivity options. Its modular approach delivers complete isolation between analogue and digital signals for world-leading performance. Unique Meridian High Resolution up-sampling offers the best possible performance from all of your sources. Multiple outputs which enable the creation of both passive and DSP based systems from the same Surround Controller. Re-clocking of the digital audio signal removes timing errors for superior clarity and resolution. A 7.1 Surround Controller with class leading audio fidelity - Meridian Room Correction for perfect sound in any room.

Meridian 861v8 - $20,000

meridian sound controller

Meridian Home Theater Processors / Surround Sound Controllers

  • Meridian 861v8 Reference 7.1 channel home theater audio processor/preamp with SpeakerLink and analog XLR outputs - $20,000
  • Meridian G65 7.1 channel hometheater audio processor/preamp with SpeakerLink and analog XLR outputs - $8,500
  • Meridian 271 Digital theater controller integrates Meridian DSP speakers with any home theater processor - $5,000
  • Meridian UHD722 Ultra-HD HDMI processor links Meridian surround controllers to video sources - $4,000
marantz cinema 60

Meridian Multi-Channel Amplifiers

  • Meridian G55 5 channel 100 watt power amplifier - $7,000
  • Meridian 258 8 channel 70 watt compact power amplifier - $3,500

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