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Phone: 860.666.5006

Grado Labs

Prestigious headphones.


Hand-assembled in Brooklyn, USA.

Grado, one of the oldest family owned companies in audio industry, has been one of the leaders in design engineering for the grado RSX1 high-end audio and recording industries. Grado is famous for its remarkable headphone and phono cartridge designs. Grado products have been acclaimed best value in their price category from publications around the world. At Grado, their goal is to continually improve on the reputation they have spent over 60 years creating.

grado gs1000x statement series headphone


Grado SR325x Prestige Series

The Sound of Metal

With its metal housing, the SR325x brings a surgical precision to your music that you won’t find in the rest of the Prestige Series. Better imaging of the space between the instruments paints a clearer picture of your music in their soundstage.

Signature Sound

Some of the marvels of a Grado driver are the clarity and range, revealing new notes and details in songs heard hundreds of times. With superlative tonal balance, dynamics, imaging, and realism, the SR325x lays out an extremely detailed presentation.

Grado Prestige Series

  • Grado SR325x - $295
  • Grado SR225x - $225
  • Grado SR125x - $175
  • Grado SR80x - $125
  • Grado SR60x - $99

Grado RS2x Reference Series

Maple, Meet Hemp

A family favorite, the RS2x has been completely redesigned to bring out the full potential of its maple and hemp wood. The housing’s sleeve and ring are made from maple, while a hemp core keeps everything together. For decades we’ve used wood for its warm and embracing tonal abilities, and the RS2x is an exceptional evolution to the RS2 line.

X Series Drivers

4th gen X Drivers are here. Specifically tuned for the RS2x wood housing, this new speaker design features a more powerful magnetic circuit, a voice coil with decreased effective mass, and a reconfigured diaphragm. Reengineering these components for our 44mm drivers improve efficiency, reduces distortion, and preserves the harmonic integrity of your music.

Grado Reference Series

  • Grado RS1x - $750
  • Grado RS2x - $550
grado rs 2x headphones

Grado Statement Series Headphones

Full-bodied and robust, this class of headphones envelopes you while keeping up with the fastest of beats. The grand soundstage reveals the sound at new depths, with Details Magazine calling the Statement Series "One of the six great indulgences of the world”.

Grado Statement Series
  • Grado GS3000x 52mm X Driver housed in cocobolo wood outer and aluminum chamber - $1,995
  • Grado GS1000x 50mm X Driver housed in mahogany wood outer and ipe wood chamber - $1,195

Grado GW100x Wireless Headphones

Grado's first wireless headphone becomes even better with Bluetooth 5.2, longer battery, and new X Drivers. Nothing is lost except the wires.

Grado has introduced 44mm drivers, redesigned speaker housings, and support for the aptX Adaptive codec, enhancing the overall performance. The lightweight design offers practical features like an in-built microphone for voice calls and robust up-and-down slider mechanism for easy adjustments, a choice between wired and wireless connections, and an impressive 46-hour battery life at 50% volume.

Grado GW100x - $275

grado gw100x wireless headphones

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