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Immersive Processors, Preamplifiers, and Amplifiers.

Acurus – an Indy Audio Labs brand

Superior engineering. Beautiful aesthetics. Rock-solid durability. Made in the USA.

Acurus is a premium brand for private home cinema and media rooms installs, power amplification, and room acoustic optimization. The superior engineering in the Acurus brand of immersive processors, preamplifiers, and amplifiers is characterized by high performance, authenticity of reproduction, modern aesthetics, rock-solid design and construction, intuitive operation – all designed and manufactured in the USA. Having earned global awards and reviewer accolades, Acurus has achieved an ideal intersection of price and performance.



Acurus MUSE

16-channel immersive audio preamp processor

The Muse 16-channel immersive media room processor boasts 112 surround sound speaker layouts available to choose from, including 52 Dolby Atmos® and DTS:XTM immersive speaker layouts – up to an amazing 15.1 immersive audio configuration. Setting up any of these layouts is a snap with the intuitive UI available both on the front panel and via the simple-to-use mobile app. System integration and control is simplified through many 3rd party control solutions supported by the Muse.

acurus muse home theater processor preamplifier

Acurus M8

8-channel amplifier

The M8 uses a patented class D amplifier topology that is incredibly efficient, quiet, and free of any hint of audio distortion. While the M8 is ideally paired with the Acurus Muse immersive processor for a supreme marriage of world-renowned Acurus audio engineering, this amplifier is flexible enough to pair up with virtually any high-quality pre-amplifier to deliver high power and outstanding audio specifications.


Acurus ACT 4

20 channel immersive audio preamp processor

The ACT 4 represents a revolution in 3D-audio home cinema processors. Designed to be the heart of a modern UHD home theater, the ACT 4 combines ultimate audio performance, control flexibility, and the absolute latest immersive sound technologies. With 20 channels of immersive audio the ACT 4 meshes the celebrated engineering of Acurus with the power of advanced cinema technology -- all in perfect harmony.


acurus act 4 home theater preamp processor

Acurus A2005

5 channel 200 watt amplifier

The Acurus A2005 is a high quality, high performance multichannel amplifier, perfect for a home cinema surround setup. With its fully discrete analog Class A/B design, the A2005 is an ideal companion for a superior multi-channel preamp processor.

acurus a2005 5 channel amplifier multichannel amplifier

Acurus A2007

7 channel 200 watt amplifier

The Acurus A2007 is premium multichannel amplifier for a private home theater. Ideal as a foundation for an immersive home cinema layout, it carries 200W to each channel, all channels driven, with incredible power and emotion. The A2007 has a fully discrete, analog Class A/B amplifier design. Solid American engineering and rock-solid construction guarantee long life and long performance of this phenomenal amplifier.

acurus a2007 7 channel amplifier multichannel amplifier home theater power amplifier

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