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The Audio Store

2457 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06111

Hours: (by appt. only) Tues-Fri: 11am to 6pm, Sat: 11am to 4pm

Phone: 860.666.5006


High Performance Audio Products.


Crafting audio products that perform like no other.

Meridian’s ambition is to enable people to listen, enjoy and fall in love with their music and movies wherever they are, and their renowned sound philosophy can be applied in all listening environments.

From the flagship DSP loudspeakers with integrated amplification, to discreet and powerful in-wall loudspeakers, Meridian engineers easy to install, high resolution audio systems for the home. Meridian’s products are sold by custom integrators and audio specialists in more than 80 countries, worldwide.

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Meridian DSP8000XE

The outstanding fidelity, dynamics and sheer power of the DSP8000 XE Loudspeakers means they deliver an incredible experience in cinemas and listening rooms alike. Our Select finishing option gives you the choice of blending into the room with a complementary finish or standing out with a bold, vibrant colour, finished in matte or gloss.

With an ability to deliver the very best from High Resolution sources, the performance of the DSP8000 XE demonstrates why Meridian is widely regarded as the British Audio Pioneers.

Meridian DSP8000XE - $125,000/pr

meridian dsp8000xe speaker

Meridian Reference Special Edition DSP7200

The DSP7200SE contains a complete matched audio system, giving the highest overall quality, lower power consumption and the performance of a traditional passive loudspeaker eight times the physical volume. Finished as standard in a piano lacquer black, the Special Edition Range is also available in any of the 270 Meridian Select colours. The range offers a choice of full range floor standing or horizontal centre channel options, for audio or home cinema solutions.

  • Meridian DSP7200SE Digital active loudspeaker with two 200mm bass drivers - $52,000/pr
  • Meridian DSP5200SE Compact digital active loudspeaker with 160mm bass driver - $22,000/pr
  • Meridian DSP7200SEHC Digital active center speaker with two 200mm bass drivers - $27,500/ea
  • Meridian DSP5200SEHC Digital active center speaker with 160mm bass driver - $11,500/ea
  • Meridian DSP3200 Compact digital active bookshelf loudspeaker with 165mm bass driver - $8,000/pr
  • Meridian DSP3300 Versatile digital active LCR speaker with two 165mm bass drivers - $6,000/ea
meridian dsp7200se speaker

Meridian DSP9 Speakers

Acoustic and Visual Masterpiece

DSP9 is the latest product to emerge from Meridian’s groundbreaking Extreme Engineering Program. The foundational Program has been built around Meridian’s approach to delivering authentic, natural and lifelike sound and results in a level of performance never previously achieved on a loudspeaker of this size.

The Meridian DSP9 also features Meridian’s Precision Sonic Transport which uses innovative techniques and processes which ensure the entire journey taken by an audio signal through a product maintains maximum sonic fidelity, so that the listener is immersed in authentic and realistic sound.

Meridian DSP9 - $85,000/pr

meridian dsp9 reference speakers

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